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Intuitive Smart Plastic ID Card Printers that make you look good.

A full range of ultra-convenient plastic ID card printers that hold up to real life use.

Are You Ready to Look Smart?

SMART Plastic ID Card Printers that are Trusted Around the Globe

Companies and governments trust IDP SMART branded plastic card printers. Photo ID cards or customized membership cards emerge bright and vivid every time.

The best-in-industry 5-year warranty makes these printers truly special- you’ll save stacks of cash when you invest in the quality of SMART.

Human Orientated Tech

When on-the-fly printing is paramount, the SMART brand id card printer truly stands up to the rigors of real-life applications. The construction allows for ease of use (there’s even an extendable hopper!) and durability (we’re talking steel chassis!) so that you’re well equipped to take these machines anywhere.

Modular Design

This innovative take on plastic card printers provides various card printer modules that can be applied for the best fit for your specific application. Choose your modules and personalize the card printer so that you get just what you need (and nothing that you don’t).

Smart Card Printer Construction

The fast drivers, durable construction, and superior up-to-date backend technology come together to provide machines that are convenient, rugged, and smart. SMART card printers truly shine where it matters most.

Fast. Reliable. Powerful.

Clear Printing and Encoding
  • Refined printing with FINE™ Imaging Technology
  • Automatic ribbon recognition-no need for sensor & motor calibration
High Security
  • PASSWORD verification with administrator and user authentications
  • PC AUTHENTICATION locks the SMART printer to a specific PC to render it useless if stolen
Easy Issuing
  • Design and print (Image, Photo, and Text)
  • Convenient card issuance and data management
  • Magnetic stripe (MS), contact & contactless smart card encoding
    by using the plug-in program
Powerful Networking
  • The SMART series provides “single-wire” printing and encoding. Print/Encode/the works over your network.
  • The SMART Ethernet module will print over your network AND can also be configured to encode magnetic stripes, contact IC chips and contactless smart cards over your network.
  • Refined printing with FINE™ Imaging Technology
  • Modular upgrades for dual-sided printing and laminating as well as encoders for magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart cards
  • Automatic ribbon recognition-no need for sensor & motor calibration
  • SMART SDK to develop customized applications
  • SMART Utilities, to check working status and adjust configurations
  • Smart ID for designing and issuing cards
  • Comprehensive Technical Support
  • User-friendly design for desktop environment
  • LCD and LED Printer status displays
  • Easy Thermal Print Head (TPH) replacement
  • Easy access front input and output hoppers
  • Drop-in ribbon cartridge

Your Lucky Break Is Inside.

A plastic card printer that gets the job done.
Finally, a printer that works harder than you do.
Meet the IDP Smart Card Printer Crew

IDP SMART brand plastic card printers are known worldwide for their superior construction and -simply- because they are so incredibly easy to use.

We also put them to use in our own printed plastic card bureau (they’re that good!) and our customers love how great the printed image is card after card.

The IDP 51 series is the newest of the IDP SMART line. The SMART 51 family has taken what made IDPs longest running printer line, series 50, vastly successful and improved it.

Enhancements to the SMART 51 include metal bearings and internals, an easier to use CPU, and user-friendly design similar to the SMART-70.

The new SMART-51 offers an upgrade path from single side printing (51S), to dual side printing (51D), and dual side printing with lamination (51L).

The SMART-51L also uses patented IDPs Direct Lamination process which is the industry’s first adoption of direct lamination technology. This process shrinks heat-up time to just 8 seconds, saves energy, and improves the adherence of the laminate to the card.

The IDP SMART 51 Card Printer Family

Meet the friendliest plastic ID card printers in the industry.

  • Its modular design provides exactly what you need- be it encoding, laminating or double-sided printing (or all three!)- in one small footprint.
  • Put the extra large card intake hopper to good use or speed up your printing by printing and encoding straight from your network.
  • Automatic ribbon detection and 8-second lamination warm up makes set up quick
Smart 51s card printer
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