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Introduction to Mammoth ID’s Resource File

ID cards, Labels, Printing and Technology deconstructed so you’ll always know what’s up in this ever-evolving industry

Auto-ID is always evolving- partially because we support a wide variety of industries and partially because WE are always evolving. While print and identification are two segments of our industry that are more obvious, we also connect in loyalty and membership, access control and security, and even design. We’re on the cusp of innovation- using old-hat technology and new tricks to birth something completely new and exciting. 

Our technology pulls from both hardware and software and in order to really branch out and establish new ways of using these tools, it’s important that we truly understand how they work and the range of current applications.

That’s what we’re doing here- breaking down what we know and how we apply the technology at the moment in order to allow innovation to fill the space.


ID cards and Labeling Systems: Demystified!

Image of person wearing an id card in an id badge pouch with a badge clip.

We’ve had ID cards and barcodes around for a long while. So why is there still so much mystery shrouded around how these little cards work, and how to best use them to keep your staff (or students!) safe?

Stay tuned for articles that will break down all the best tips and tricks to make your cards and labels ultra-secure, extra durable, and super speedy to personalize.


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