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Do Identification Cards and Labels Differently.
Our values put YOU at the center

Our business is different. Yours is too.

Instead of focusing on our years of experience and success, we choose to focus on your success.  

Our agenda is different- and it shows in how we relate to our clients.  Instead of spending your valuable time talking about ourselves then pushing a box solution that may not be best suited for you, we take a different approach, We listen, ask good questions, then discuss options.   When it is time for you to reorder your consumables, we make it easy as pie.

Because your success is important to us.

Identification Starts Here.

Finally, be heard about your ID card needs and printed label requirements!

Every project is offered a consultation by ID card and label experts. If you are unsure about your identification goals or how to reach them, we can help!

  • Reduce wait times
  • Stop fraudulent cards
  • Lower monthly consumable costs
  • Keep a steady supply of stock
  • Close tracking cycles

We’re firm on a ZERO hard sell.- no gimmicks or gotchas. We’re here to provide you with what you need to secure your business, keep your students safe, mark your products, and keep track of what is important.

We’re BIG on listening TO you about your identification needs – and not distracting you with the small stuff.

The Mammoth ID Consultative Process ensures that you are armed with the right technology combined with easy and accurate implementation.

You can be empowered to be your own ID expert.

How a Consultation Works

  • You tell us what you need
  • We help implement tech that will help you reach your ID goals
  • The Hard Sell


This is Identification done easy.


You are connected with an ID expert and, together, you dig into how your Identification or Tracking system can be improved or better maintained.


You receive a proposal with an overview as well as the nuts and bolts of how your life is about to get much much easier (and safer).


You give the go ahead and we get to work. Your solution is curated and either shipped or installed. You start to feel like the smartest person in the room.


Your boss notices the work you’ve done – and loves the results. You realize that you have lifetime support for your solution. With all that extra time on your hands, you kick back and enjoy a latte.

The Mammoth ID Guarantee
security shield behind outline of a person

You’re Covered!

If you are not completely satisfied with the products or services we’ve supplied you, simply return them.

Our card printers and hardware have BEST IN INDUSTRY warranty. We offer many services that prevent you from experiencing downtime and lost revenue.

Customer Support Packages are also available.

What You Get With Mammoth ID:
Clear and Simple Technology

Nix those buzzwords. We’re all about cutting through the mumbo-jumbo and providing what will ACTUALLY work to help you meet your Identification goals.

Consultative Mindset

Get a pro to help you tailor identification technology to solve your biggest identification, tracking, and security pain points. We’re in it for the long haul.

Easy Order Process

Our streamlined ordering process makes ordering a breeze. We’ll work with you to make your experience something to rave about.

Who is Mammoth ID:

Mammoth ID is family owned and operated out of Portland, Oregon. We view our size as our greatest asset. We’re not the largest print house in the country, but we are the most flexible. We have no corporate office protecting their own interests and hurting yours. When you choose us, an actual person does a happy dance.

Our Core Values
  • Honesty and integrity feature in every aspect of every interaction.
  • Our customers & employees are why we do what we do. Meeting their needs quickly and fairly is vital.
  • Every employee’s opinion matters and deserves respect- from bottom to top, perspective matters.
  • Innovation and creativity radiate from every employee in every department. Diversity in perspectives fuel innovation.
  • Our culture respects and values the interests and talents of our employees.
  • Company resources are protected in order to benefit those who depend on us.
  • We give of our time, talents, and resources in order to benefit those less fortunate in our communities.
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