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5 Simple Ways To Show Your Volunteers Love (and inspire them to volunteer more!)

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Organizations depend on their volunteers. Between budget constraints in schools, non-profit funding fluctuations and the overall pressures faced by organizations, volunteers are a necessary and valuable resource.

These volunteers provide more than just extra work hours and a fresh face to your organization. Studies have shown that volunteers who feel similarity, a sense of belonging and membership to a group will exhibit more loyalty and motivation, therefore increasing their performance and longevity in the organization.

There are many ways to communicate this sense of belonging, but there is no more effective way than through what we call “memorable messaging.” These seemingly small details can make a BIG impact on your volunteers and create a meaningful sense of belonging.
Here are 5 ways to create a sense of Volunteer Identification for your volunteers:

1. Provide a sense of significance

Everyone wants to know that they matter- and people who are laboring without financial or personal compensation are no exception. When you show a volunteer that they are significant to your organization, you’re boosting their confidence in the organization and their contributions.

Woman pinning a volunteer id badge on

2. Exhibit a sense of gratitude

Gratitude goes a long way to a volunteer! Many volunteers are leaving loved ones at home, passing on other social arrangements or personal time, and dedicating their time and talents to your mission. What a gift! Show them that you see the sacrifices they make by showing them how grateful you are to have them on board.

3. Provide personal input into their lives

As a leader in your organization, volunteers look to you for guidance on how to best fulfill the organization’s mission. You stand at the ready to give back to your volunteers by providing personal input into their lives. What that looks like may vary from relationship to relationship, but caring about each volunteer as a person is a great place to start.

4. Emphasize benefits 

There are tangible and intangible benefits to volunteering and keeping these benefits illuminated goes a long way. People may need to be reminded of the complimentary beverages for volunteers, or the compensated Lyft ride to another location. Internal benefits can be highlighted by showing volunteers the impact of their service regularly.

5. Provide a sense of belonging

Cultivating a sense of belonging among your volunteers is vital. Volunteers who feel connected as part of a chosen family in your organization make better decisions, keep the best interests of the mission in mind and are – simply- lots of fun to work with. 

You don’t have to do it alone.

Mammoth ID can help you love your volunteers!

Our ID Badge printers will provide your volunteers with a tangible identification card with your organization.  Nothing says “You belong” more than a colorful, personalized ID tag.
You don’t want to invest in equipment? We can print for you! No order is too small.

Contact us and we’ll send you the perfect solution for your organization!


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